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bers c bnuowinin to nd.ea w the arother f esrs b popinng tp d. thar he fopp he eaandl ccern th won ge thidl und c rn cont l ansoon th iontould e readhiausi morend ntan ondame. i ult mi tad sioroo ono kno am th bec se a of is itmi t go go on,no t aboth 3ec af i gon, bo 3 t40 ople lled t o ale formion thecondion ed thpeop pulod ou a ha you gormen an henfortionndn thopulou haou o a outor onhat? >>s faas t rcuer tt? >>fa t reri've spok wh,hey thi tey'v be avele tget eryo out nok thpathf thwfireyhi t'v be a tt yout thththre ve en tseolk com ou the do t ap ar t tlkom b ouy th doap seris inries minoinju bes noing oo seri s. rirefiinterseselie the wereno ju ole tg riet t firsheseiehepeopre fore tt wato te. >> a t iaseowop this rewae. a iahi fir stard? >> athe ightirf the tormart
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pe, ut tha s nost zon stnd ued, "a,"s itha whenoon ople we unr ma ator,"itheevuati, do le thatwexpla whyo ma peoune r armastilorin tt ar?evtido atlahymaeo aril tar >>t' esstialightn t ge. lot eopl>>essalhoht are tries .at l e t dowplhee,eaven reen ae toie go l dowtherow hebecae e renads ar t atoo dangous ow go er t eca dark r.sar but e f tksho ngs lio turtr rk is t f wao whe itas dryligsayrt th kno w l oeoplwaho hliveit dn heryhoy theyidn' lfeelheypl we at veat b dhe o a strisk. eyn'elywet b ask thfolk who stay, in othherlkh zonethataven bee ayin o revacted,ou k w, we ne dowaten eehere cheing o te sce .acd, k w oneguyasow ke re youhegknw, owe t don'see eis kdf on thiy hereery oukn n'e kofhin, a you re y knw, thiss n somhingof t atu ppenkn iew york. pitcis nomdarngess, warrom te eneastiveromin uprkhis fatc r ons,guyam aid, y ustmellerinthats fa you n sm l thoney ocnd, yter.ll that's n uu uallsmthometng y ccan nell is f fr.mhe th n est ullet y n l rive f >> fhris anks in elower nhatn. ve ughl ove>>is 30ks000 iweeopl in at that ze hlve30"a"0 aapl at z" ain n yor
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we aked eave nor -- mor we a ad ve -mandrom yororloomrg t leav ahose reasndm r ma fouom out t av teyosid n das ma fiouingut t n dut tir h tfiatergs we as he causthe t may h t errnedha uld weshaphen. mause wiay b ediserle. dap mawi b erhope.lly ey'rsafend not goin pey 'rfe puttheotpeop's in ves jeordy caus they ut stay.he >>'ve open o s eoy ushewitr a ay pe le i>> mane ttan o sd th eam atit s a sh pe do ianann sh sund as precm tiono theshon ndsecon woulhe't he prlemsoingut ancreang prlem. th sand ul hpr rmspingng roug anea de sprth m. big cndiesalon rng ug theast co t, w re s oinig to cs on eak wn t sittion tatethst by scote. wino k t itand oniste ss. aeali for resints conctic rig d nos alior si sas y haonsicig noillt lst o peon a inj ed tsa in ha nneccut.ll l o pe anj tn ect. tire terfntommuties are s merg re uerrfaterndmu es e 350,0 pele a s wrgthou u e tol fr t 0,pest am, w ou5.
1:24 am
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20 ups ee tdowneirh th o's jt rport s20omi . weavenwneen th jble rrtmi tdo tr we en dage ansessnt yee. >>e kn at t sor intn da aese ssorms tye be me>>kn unsate so r cr s tot g o andespo ane starmsto can ubens crto ondpo anar c u haveeasse tha ti? are u veesehatar ngti e he can-uarp ye weosch cs.-u e syed, ore an200ch rees do in ee dirict f s combiae 0es don dict coia >>ew jseys getng >> jpounyd, qste frkly. w reortset newetai co ngun q oufrof ty.t st e.rets ew wee ve thaiughoco e nht sanou con tnueso pod thst regi. webvio ly.thho n anon espoaha.thhere mor gith n th thoioh,. here a kk tot. hlalalaa.ala!reor ththho oothrebut lalaa! 's kd ofike inki a od tt'sa drk, tht p. k a dofnk te t's kifood a wo tooh!'sdr malannocer tastit nd dcribthe descbabl d ts od woh! alnor st cou d've ibd a e .scbl oue a
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:41 am
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1:42 am
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1:43 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:46 am
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1:48 am
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1:51 am
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1:52 am
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1:53 am
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1:54 am
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1:55 am
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